Fudgy Sweet Potato Brownies

Rich. Not overly sweet. Fudgy. Decadent. Too good to be true? NOPE. These yummy plant-based vegan Sweet Potato Brownies are to die for. Yes, these sweet potato brownies are entirely plant-based, gluten-free, and oil free…...Read More
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Some of Our Happy Members

The Healthy Bowl
"I've had tons of meal plans and none work because it's either 100 ingredients per meal/breaks my bank account or are too time consuming. That's why I'm in love with Plant Ahead. You focus on whole foods."
Laurel, Plant Ahead Member
The Healthy Bowl
"I've already saved money on my groceries. I used another subscription too but it is SO time consuming and the recipes were too exotic for me. As soon as I logged in, I knew this would be a better fit. It's all so easy and delicious."
Jesica, Plant Ahead Member
The Healthy Bowl
You've made the transition into a vegan diet so much less intimidating and so much more enjoyable. Thank you so much.
Ali, Plant Ahead Member
The Healthy Bowl
I have three little ones and truly, instead of feeling like a slave in the kitchen. I’ve been able to be more present with them. The meals were well planned out, simple and delicious. I’m definitely convinced. Can’t wait for next week’s plan!
Steph, Plant Ahead Member
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