Back to School

That’s right, I’m hitting the books.

I’m beaming with excitement right now. After months of soul searching and research, I have decided to enrol in NutraPhoria’s Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach Certification program.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a great interest in everything food and nutrition. This eventually led to my passion project – Shaking Sugar. 🙂

With a full time job and a busy life I’ve been struggling to figure out how I can turn this passion into something more. Without any formal scientific background, I felt like my only option would be returning to university.

However, after some thorough research, I came across the Holistic Nutrition program at NutraPhoria. NutraPhoria offers globally recognized comprehensive holistic nutrition diploma programs designed to help you transition with ease into a successful and rewarding career.

So what specifically drew me to NutraPhoria’s Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach Certification program?

1. It’s the most comprehensive Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach Certification program in North America

Not only will I have the opportunity to learn all about nutrition, the Health Coach Certification program will also allow me to learn about the integral relationship between our mind, body and spirit and more.

2. It’s online and at your own pace

This was one of the biggest sticking points of NutraPhoria’s programs. I was looking for something flexible that I could fit into my busy schedule. All of their nutrition programs are entirely online, self paced, and distance learning which means you can work through them on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own home.

3. It includes business training

This is one of the most unique aspects of NutraPhoria’s Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach Certification program, and something I found was lacking in other online nutrition programs. NutraPhoria includes training in things like business, coaching and food preparation on top of core nutrition components, to best prepare you for a career in Holistic Nutrition.

I’m excited to share this journey with all of you, and I’m confident NutraPhoria will help me share how to live a healthier and happier life.


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