Gift Guide for Food Bloggers 2020

The ultimate gift guide for the food bloggers in your life! 

Do you have a loved one who is an aspiring food blogger? These gifts are the perfect way to show your support.

If you have some big plans for 2021, this is also a great place to start planning what you’ll need. 

I have gathered everything I use behind the scenes every week to create high quality and delicious looking content. I share everything from the heavy-duty equipment, the accessories, and even the knowledge that goes into hosting a food blog. 

So, whether you are shopping for yourself or your bestie food blogger, you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts.

The Food Bloggers Must Haves

Sony ZV1 Digital Camera

This camera is the perfect gift if your foodie loves to vlog! It is excellent for vlogging for Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube. 

It is super portable and features a side flip out touch screen. It is made for easy one-hand recording and has SteadyShot for walking or moving videos. 

This digital camera was created explicitly with content creators in mind so every food blogger will love it! 

Sony A7 Mirrorless

Another game-changer camera is the Sony A7 Mirrorless camera. It’s a very advanced camera that is excellent for food photography. It shoots in raw, which is perfect for cookbook photos. 

This camera is for the food blogger looking to enhance their photography skills and create gorgeous photos every time. This camera does have a bit of a learning curve so I recommend it for experienced bloggers! 


Sony a6000 

If you’re looking for something a little easier to use, the Sony a6000 is the best starter camera. It’s a digital camera that is very versatile. It has all of the basics covered and some advanced features. 

This camera is the perfect camera for someone who is just starting with food photography! You will still get super high-quality photos, but it will be a bit easier to operate. 


Podcast Microphone

And if you want to jump into the world of podcasting, this podcasting microphone is fantastic! It is super sleek and high quality, so it captures everything you want to record. 

The Food Bloggers Accessories 


White Box for Food Photography 

A little white box is essential for food photography! It helps your food stand out, and your photos look very clean. This small white box won’t take up a ton of space and is easy to set up and take down. 


Overhead Tripod

An overhead tripod is terrific when it comes to shooting cooking TikTok, Instagram videos and getting that overhead food photo angle! All you need to do is set it up and press record and you will have super cool cuisine and baking content for your feed. 


Phone Tripod 

A phone tripod is another excellent gift for a food blogger that is working mostly solo. It comes in handy when you need to shoot content by yourself. You can quickly shoot videos and take photos wherever you are! 


And of course presets are the key to making food photos look absolutely delicious! Especially if you take most of your food photos on your phone, the power of presets is a life changing. It’s also a very thoughtful gift for your favorite food blogger! 

Our PlantPresets include 8 different presets that center around the 4 seasons to have a photo theme for every time of year. 

Check them out here! 


Ring Light 

A ring light is a necessity for all of your food-shooting needs. You can use it when taking photos and videos of food and snapping some shots of yourself! This ring light is great because it has a place for your phone, so you always get the best lighting. 


Food Blogging Photography Tiles / Mats 

Photography tiles are a significant upgrade to your food photos, especially if you don’t have the prettiest countertop to take pictures on! All you do is just lay it down and arrange your food on it and voila! It looks like you are shooting on a gorgeous wood or marble countertop. Using different backgrounds also adds some diversity to your food photos. 

Content Planner

A content planner is a great tool to get ahead of your content and be prepared for the new year! If you are a pen to paper kind of gal, here is a social media planner and a blog planner that is sure to be a helpful hand in 2021. 

Another great find is a one year blogging planner which is excellent to get out all you’re seasonal content ahead of time: One Year Blog Planner

Food Bloggers Education 

Basic Photography Course 

And if you are new to photography, I highly recommend learning the basics from either a Udemy or Skillshare course! It is so helpful to know how to use your camera correctly, and you can quickly build up to more advanced skills in the future. This is a great e-gift option that offer experience and value! 

Food Photography Course

A fantastic resource for all things food photography is The Bite Shot channel on YouTube, it is free and not a gift but this blog can’t complete without mentioning it! All of their content is entirely tailored to food bloggers. A professional food photographer created it, and she shares all of her top tips and tricks for getting the most appealing and fabulous food photos. But if you’re looking to gift a food photography course the Bite Shot does have a course for beginners and more advanced at a resonable price point. 

Book: One Million Followers

This is a fantasic read for those looking to grow their audience by Brendan Kane, he will teach you how to gain an authentic and dedicated online following from the ground up! 

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