We make plant-based eating ridiculously easy.

Sticking to a plant-based diet doesn’t need to be overwhelming, time consuming and expensive. Remove the guesswork out of vegan eating by following our plant-powered, holistic health coach designed meal prep plans. Here’s what you get for just $7.99 a month.

  1. An easy-to-stick-to meal prep plan sent to your inbox every week, with health coach designed recipes that use simple, whole ingredients
  2. Complete Nutritional Breakdown: Each recipe comes with macros so you know exactly what you’re eating, including the protein, calorie, carb and fat content
  3. An organized shopping list that you can take to the grocery story each week
  4. A prep guide to help you plan meals ahead, and save precious time during the work week by having healthy breakfasts, dinners and lunches already prepped
  5. Exclusive access to two free ebooks including Healthy Vegan Snacks and Healthy Vegan Desserts
  6. Support, cheerleading and connection in our Plant Ahead Facebook Support Group – only for members

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Here’s what thousands of others are saying about Plant You’s easy vegan recipes on Instagram: 

Thanks so much for making plant-based eating easier for those who are not fully vegan – but really working on it.

The easy recipes and the format you present them in is amazing. This is my new favourite page. 

I made this last night and it was phenomenal! Thanks so much for sharing your recipes.

I love your page so much. I struggle with variety and being practical as a vegan – but your feed helps keep it simple and delicious.

For less than the price of a grocery store salad – you can sign up to transform your work week with these simple, delicious recipes.




Here’s a sneak peak of how the meal plans will look each week, with a shopping list, recipe book and macro breakdown included. 

Imagine not having to rely on takeout during the week, or throwing together a microwave meal. Really stick to your plant-based diet in 2019 by signing up for the Plant Ahead Meal Prep Program today – and prepping your plant-based meals ahead of time. This will save you precious time during the week, and take the pressure off when you need a quick healthy meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Founded By Holistic Health Coach and
Plant-Based Meal Prep Expert, Carleigh Bodrug 

If you aren’t currently meal-prepping, I would be willing to bet you will save $10-$50 on your grocery bill every single month. 


What are the benefits of the Plant-Ahead program?

  • Eat healthier – All of our meal plans are meat, dairy, egg and processed food free and are designed and perfected by a Holistic Health Coach. These plant-based, nutrient dense recipes are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory foods. They are also packed with fiber, protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. All meals also include the nutritional information including calories, carbohydrates and protein.
  • Save money – You will be spending less money and time at the grocery store with the majority of your groceries coming from the produce section and bulk bins. Equipped with the Plant-Ahead grocery list every week, you will also avoid buying unnecessary food and ingredients each week, as well as any trips to fast-food restaurants or stores for quick grab’n’go meals.
  • Save time – You’re busy as heck – especially during the week. By setting aside 2-3 hours a week to prepare your meals, you will save precious time for the rest of the week to do the things you love, while having healthy, home-cooked meals ready to eat.
  • Simplicity – The Plant-Ahead recipes contain simple, easy to find ingredients that are in every major grocery store, and require basic kitchen accessories including pots, pans, a blender, and a food processor.
  • Feed the Whole Family – You are able to double or triple our recipes depending on the number of people you are feeding during the week. If you have a meat eater in the family, you are able to customize our recipes to include optional protein or dairy products.
  • Allergies – Most of our recipes are gluten free, and if they aren’t substitutions will be offered. We use tofu occasionally & different nuts and seeds are used each week.

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Who is the Plant Ahead Program For?

You Want to Eat Plant-Based, But Don’t Know Where to Start

You want to try plant-based eating, but you’re worried you won’t be eating the right things. Changing how you eat can be hard – we get it. By following the plant-ahead program, it takes the guess-work out of healthy eating with nutritionally balanced, delicious meals.

You’re a Busy Person

Our meal plans eliminate the stress of sorting out healthy dinners for you and your family during the workweek. Imagine coming home from work each night not having to prepare a healthy meal and lunch for the next day.

You’re Not a Meal Planner

You like to cook, but need help laying out a meal plan for the week. For just $7.99USD, we’ve got you covered for the entire month.

What are you waiting for? Take control of your health today. Sign Up for the Plant-Ahead Meal Prep Program for just $7.99USD per month.



Investing in your health is the best investment that you can ever make.

You can live a healthier, richer, and less stressed life for less than the cost of:

        • A burger at McDonald’s
        • A ticket to the movies
        • One grocery store salad per month
        • A coffee and a bagel

Sign Up for the Plant-Ahead Meal Prep Program for just $7.99USD per month.


I hope you will consider joining me on this plant-based journey. There’s no commitment – you are able to cancel anytime. If you have any questions at all, email me anytime at [email protected]


Carleigh Bodrug
Holistic Health Coach
Founder, Plant Ahead Program