Transform your food photos from BLAH to BEAUTIFUL in one click.

#PLANTPRESETS: The Four Seasons of Flavor are here!

The Deets.

Psst... I want to let you in on a secret.

I'm a full time food blogger with over 400,000 followers on instagram, and I
take 90% of my photos with my PHONE. And I'm not alone.

Thousands of wildly successful food bloggers take their beautifully curated photos with their cellphones simply out of convenience.

The secret is EDITING. Lightroom is an amazing free app that allows you to manipulate the color, lighting and clarity of your photos.

But the truth is, this step by step photo editing can take hours if you let it.

Which is why I created a set of go-to presets for my phone food photos to get a desired look with one click. These took hours and hours of tweaking to create, and I'm so excited to share them with you today.

Whether you're an aspiring food blogger, or simply want to amplify the snaps of your daily meals, I've got you.

Exactly What You Get

With your purchase today, you get 8 done for you presets based around the feeling of four seasons.

We call these the Four Seasons of Flavor.

This includes:

Spring in Bloom
Spring in Bloom 2

Hot Summer Nights 1
Hot Summer Nights 2

Autumn Leaves 1
Autumn Leaves 2

Winter Wonderland 1
Winter Wonderland 2

All These Photos Were Taken With My Phone!


Presets are a set of customizations on Adobe Lightroom that adjust the color, lighting and contrast of your photos in a single click. This is how some of your favorite bloggers and Instagrammers get the same vibe for every photo in their feed, by using the same preset on each image!

With your purchase, you will get a full instruction sheet on how to download your presets in less than five minutes and apply them to some of your favorite food photos.

Our presets are specifically designed for mobile food photos, but they also can be applied to landscape and portrait images although you might need to play around with the brightness and contrast to get a desired look in these cases.

Of course there’s only so much presets can do to improve the quality of a food photo, so you want to make sure you are taking snaps of your food in natural lighting where possible on a clean surface and on an attractive/clean plate.

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