What you cook your food in is just as important as the food you are putting in your body. This ultimate guide to vegan kitchen essentials will set you up with the tools and equipment to make your plant-based lifestyle easier than ever! 

I highly recommend investing in good quality, chemical-free products in your kitchen to cook and bake with. This will take time to transition if this is completely new to you. Therefore, the goal is not to be perfect but to make small changes to better our health! 

To help with the switch, here is my Ultimate Guide to Vegan Kitchen Essentials!


Pots and Pans: 

Great Jones Goods Non-Stick Fry Pan 

This nonstick fry pan is a must-have for oil-free plant-based cooking! It is made with NO harmful chemicals or Teflon. You can cook without having any worries because it is healthy for you and the planet. 

Xtrema Saucepan


This 100% Ceramic Saucepan contains only all-natural materials, so you can feel safe while cooking up any soup or sauce in your kitchen. It is the perfect non-stick saucepan that washes out quickly. It is dishwasher safe, so as a result, there’s minimal cleanup!

Cuisinart Nonstick 17 piece set  

Good non-stick pots and pans are essential for oil-free cooking. If you are looking for an entirely new kitchen essentials set, I love this Cuisinart 17 piece set. It is excellent quality and comes with everything you need in your kitchen. 


Dutch Oven

 Dutch Ovens are so versatile and bring a fantastic flavor to anything that has been cooked in it. If you haven’t used a dutch oven yet, I highly recommend giving it a go! Try making bread in it or a vegetable stuffed casserole. 


Baking Equipment: 

Baking Mat

Every kitchen needs a handy silicone baking mat. They are perfect for roasting up some vegetables and baking some vegan chocolate chip cookies. I love this baking mat because it can withstand super hot temperatures and is reusable.

Silicone Baking Pans 


Silicone baking pans are a must for plant-based baking. They store well in your cupboard and take up minimal space. I love having these on hand when I need to make a plant-based cake, cookies or some vegan brownies. (my favorite) 

Parchment Paper

This is a great lower cost option as a non-stick tool for baking and cooking. I love this brand only because it is chlorine-free, so no chemicals are getting into our bodies or seeping into the earth. This is  is a real lifesaver for roasting vegetables. It also makes for a more natural clean up since I can through this directly in the compost! 

Storage Containers: 

Snapware Glass Containers

This is the exact brand that I use daily for all my food storage and meal prepping needs! I swear by them, as they keep food fresher for longer periods and can be stored in the freezer or reheated in the microwave. Also plus glass is way better for the environment and lasts a lot longer than plastic. 

Read our article on Eco-Friendly Meal Prep Containers here for other options! 

Metal Bento Box 


I love these metal bento boxes because you can easily store a meal plus a snack all in one. They are stackable and one of the most environmentally friendly options for food storage. It is perfect for anyone who is eating plant-based on the go or a summer camping adventure. 

Mason Jars

Mason jars are my go-to for storing so many meals and for pantry items! Smoothies, soup, oatmeal, and dressing are just the tip of the iceberg for what I usually store in my mason jars. No matter how many other liquid storage containers I have tried, I always come back to mason jars because they are one of the most reliable containers available. Stock up now, and believe me, you won’t regret it. They are also helpful for in the pantry to store nuts, seeds, baking ingredients and much more. 

We have a excellent article on Plant-Based Pantry Staples that would be helpful! 

Stasher Bags  

Everyday Vegan Kitchen Essentials: 

Mixing Bowls 

Every kitchen needs a set of mixing bowls! I like the stainless steel variety by Cuisinart. The pack of 3 is the perfect size for my kitchen, and they are super high quality. Plus, the lids make it easy to transport any salads or vegan dips almost anywhere. 

Silicone Spatula Set  

Silicone spatulas are also daily essential in my kitchen. They are super versatile, I use them for mixing, cooking, and baking. 100% essential! 

Nylon Kitchen Tool Set

Especially if you’re cooking with ceramic cookware, then nylon kitchen tools are a must for keeping your cookware looking brand new! 

Bamboo Cutting Board

These organic bamboo cutting boards are perfect for all kitchen tasks. They are super sturdy and easy to cut on. Plus, they are chemical and BPA free, so safe for you and the planet. 


A spiralizer makes eating veggies a little more fun (than it already is!). You can spiralize anything nowadays, and I really like spiralizing zucchini, carrots, and shredding lettuce to add a twist to my plant-based meals. 

Tofu Press

While you can press tofu by hand, it is easier and quicker with a Tofu Press. I eat tofu almost weekly, so pressing it is a part of my regular cooking routine. If you are looking to optimize your tofu preparation process, I highly recommend this tofu press.

If you are new to pressing tofu we have an article to help you with that here.

Citrus Juicer

A citrus juicer makes it simple to have fresh juice to add to your food anytime. I also love using it to juice fresh lemons and limes for my water in the morning. 

Bonus Items: 

Cuisinart Griddler 

This countertop griddle is a 5-in-1 masterpiece that’s great for grilling veggie burgers and toasting a delicious vegan BLT. It is also great for oil-free cooking because it is non-stick, so no oils are needed.

Food Processor 

A reliable food processor is a must in any vegan kitchen. I use it to make vegan parmesan cheese, sweet potato burgers, and vegan edible cookie dough. Most of all Plant Ahead recipes are food processor compatible to save you time! 

Food Processor + Blender Combo 

Ninja all-in-one Blender / Food Processor combo is a lifesaver in a kitchen. It is a super-powerful large blender that is perfect for making sauces, smoothies, and soups. It also comes with two smaller attachments, excellent for making smoothies on the go. 

Vitamix Blender 

The holy grail of blenders! We are huge smoothie connoisseurs at Plant You, so the Vitamix is a dream. I highly recommend a Vitamix if you are in the market for super high quality and powerful reliable blender. 


I hope you found this in-depth guide to vegan kitchen essentials useful for setting up your vegan kitchen!

Did I miss anything on the list? Let us know in the comments below.