The Vegan Holiday Guide

The Vegan Holiday Guide is here!

Whether you are shopping for yourself or a fellow vegan, I have you covered for what to buy this holiday season with my Vegan Holiday Guide. I covered everything from kitchen equipment, home goods, books, and cookbooks. Make sure to send this Vegan Holiday Guide to anyone shopping for a fellow vegan this year, or save it to buy yourself a lovely present! 

Kitchen Equipment

Instant Pot

An instant pot is an excellent vegan holiday gift for anyone on the go! It cooks food in record time without sacrificing any flavor. Plus, you can make almost anything in an instant pot which is a staple with multiple mouths to feed. 

Rice Cooker

Rice cookers are a game-changer, especially if you love making plant-based stir fry and grain bowls. This rice cooker is super easy to use and makes delicious rice – way better than just the stovetop. I find it great for work from home lunches.

Dutch Oven

How many times have I talked about how much I love my dutch oven? Probably not even half as much as I have used it! I use my dutch oven for savory dishes – like Stews and Portobello Pot Roast. If you (or your favorite vegan) loves to cook, a dutch oven is an absolute must. 

Our Place

Our Place pans are excellent because they are non-toxic, sustainable, and super versatile. This pan is the perfect gift for any at home chef because it has so many useful attachments. Plus, it looks gorgeous on anyones stovetop. They also sell sustainable kitchenware. 

Knife Set

A high-quality knife set is a kitchen must-have. These knives are perfect for cutting up fruit and veggies daily. I have this one in my kitchen, and it has lasted me years now! 

Air Fryer

As a plant-based vegan who also avoids oil, the air fryer is my saving grace when it comes to ‘frying’ foods. I can still make all of my favorite fried foods without oil, but with the same delicious taste. 


Vitamix is hands down the best blender on the market! It is super powerful and perfect for whipping up smoothies, sauces, and soups. I use my Vitamix daily, and I think it is the ideal gift for your favorite vegan (or yourself). You can find them on discount and refurbished for good prices this time of year! 


Coffee Bean Grinder

As a coffee connoisseur, I love freshly brewed coffee. This coffee grinder is impressive and produces the smoothest coffee grounds.

French Press

Another staple in my coffee game is my french press. It is simple to use and makes coffee that is to die for. If you have a coffee snob in your life, this is an excellent gift to uplevel their coffee game. 


If you aren’t one for the physical labor of making your coffee, I recommend getting a Keurig! The Keurig is quicker and more comfortable than making your own but still produces coffee that tastes great. And don’t forget to get a reusable pod to lessen the environmental footprint. I think they are perfect in a home office! 

Vegan Cheese Making Kit 

This vegan cheese making kit is a super fun gift for a vegan or non-vegan alike in your life! This hands-on vegan cheese making kit makes fantastic cheese and is also a great activity to do with friends or family.  It is also an excellent gift for a gift exchange! 

Home Goods 


Especially one with fun veggies or cute frills, who can resist?! Wearing aprons may seem outdated, but it is so necessary when you spend the day cooking. Aprons save your clothing from stains and messes – so add a little sass in your kitchen. This is a perfect gift in my opinion! 

Tea Towels

A great addition to any kitchen! These tea towels make a great gift for a secret santa game or an earth-conscious friend. I love seeing these in my kitchen every day.


Sassy Oven Mitts

I mean, if you are going to use oven mitts, you might as well use sassy ones, right? These oven mitts are a super fun and lighthearted gift to give this holiday season. 

Reusable Dish Towels

Using reusable dish towels (Swedish cloth) is a great way to replace paper towels, and these look extremely good in any kitchen! This is another easy and fun gift to bring to a gift exchange or for a vegan in your life. 

Vegan Cookbooks 

 Oh She Glows For Diner

This new cookbook is at the top of my list this holiday season! It is written by Angela Liddon, the founder of Oh She Glows and an amazing plant-based food blogger. With over 100 plant-based recipes, this cookbook will help any plant-based foodie glow from the inside out. 


It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken Cookbook

Vegan food blogger Sam Turnbull, the creator of the successful vegan blog It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken, has an amazing cookbook. This cookbook has 101 fuss-free vegan recipes that are perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle. 

The Friendly Vegan

If you are always worried about what to bring to a vegan (or non-vegan) dinner, The Friendly Vegan is a cookbook full of recipes that are perfect for sharing. These dishes are sure to please any crowd (vegan or not) and are simple, easy to follow recipes. 

Sweet Potato Soul Cookbook

This cookbook is full of amazing, plant-based recipes with all the flavor of southern cooking.. Any foodie in your life is sure to love these recipes.

Plant Powered Books

Fiber Fueled

This book is an excellent gift for anyone looking to add more plants to their life. Fiber Fueled is a revolutionary plan that makes plant-based eating attainable regardless of your current lifestyle. Gastroenterologist Dr. Will Bulsiewicz gives extremely compelling arguments on how plants are healing our gut and how to transform your overall health. 

How Not To Die 

After exploring the top 15 causes of premature death in the United States, this top-renowned nutrition expert found that most of them lead back to one thing – A poor diet! He explains how we can live longer and fuller lives with a plant-based diet, with easy to digest explanations and actionable tips. This is a great gift for any health nut in your family. 

Eat To Live

Eat To Live is a nutritious plant-based 6-week plan that revolutionizes your health. It also includes scientific research on hunger and cravings that will change the way you view those late-night snacks. If someone in your life is struggling to stick to a plant-based lifestyle, this is a perfect gift for them. 

I hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for your favorite vegan or for yourself. 

And if you are looking for a gift that will keep on giving, check out my Plant Ahead Program. It is super affordable every month, and we also have a 6-month purchasing option that saves you even more. You (or your gift receiver) will receive weekly grocery lists, meal plans, and easy to follow amazing plant-based recipes. Learn more about Plant Ahead here!

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