We can't keep ALL these meal plans at only $7.99/month forever...

Weekly plant-based meal plans that make life so much easier.

Eat healthier, spend less time in
the kitchen & save money.

Let me guess... You want to eat a plant-based diet consistently, but find it impossible to throw together nutrient dense tasty vegan meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day.

Can you imagine how easy your plant-based lifestyle would be if:

  • You were equipped with an easy, delicious and nutrient dense done-for-you PDF meal plan each week with step-by-step instructions
  • You were taught how to cook just twice a week, and have a full fridge of nutritious plant-based meals you’ll actually be excited to eat! 
  • You could head to the grocery store with confidence by having an itemized shopping list that focuses on healthy, unprocessed plant-based foods
  • You could stop worrying about HOW to finally stick to your plant-based lifestyle, and instead, put your healthy diet on complete cruise control.


The Plant Ahead Program

The proven plant-based meal plan system to save you time, money and help you eat ridiculously healthy for the rest of your life

Here's how the meal plans work:

Each week, a new printable PDF meal plan is uploaded to the members only section of Plant Ahead

Each plan includes

7 brand new whole-foods, plant-based, oil free recipes with step by step instructions

A meal plan grid and suggested 
schedule for the week

The calorie, fat, protein and carbohydrate amounts for each recipe

An itemized shopping list
to take with you to the grocery store

Nut, gluten and soy free swaps for each recipe where applicable


EVERYTHING you get when you sign up

Access To Entire Past Meal Plan Database - Value: $1500

Unlike most other meal planners on the internet, we grant you immediate access to every single past meal plan in our members only portal as soon as you sign up. At the time of writing this, there are over 70 meal plans and more than 300 recipes for you to hit the ground running with your healthy lifestyle. 

A Brand New Meal Plan Every Single Week - Value: $25/week

Along with receiving access to our entire past database of meal plans, you also receive a brand new PDF meal plan each week with seven new recipes, a shopping list and macronutrient information for each meal every single Thursday before noon. 


Snacks, Apps & Dessert Ebooks - Value: $60

When you sign up today, you unlock access to THREE FREE recipe ebooks as a bonus, including: Plant Based Snacks, Plant Based Desserts and Plant Based Appetizers

Access To Our Private Facebook Community - Value: Priceless

Upon signing up, you’ll receive an immediate invite to our private Facebook support community (the best place on the internet) where you can connect with likeminded individuals, post pictures of the tasty meals you create and ask any questions you might have about plant based eating. 


I'm Carleigh, the crazy plant lady next door.

I feel so blessed to be able to share the mission of Plant You with thousands of people all over the world, just like you.

It all started with plant-based lifestyle that transformed my life. Just like every good mover spoiler, I wasn't able to stick to my diet.

I was spending more time feeling run-down trying to make all these fancy vegan recipes. But it all changed when I started batch cooking my food and realized how much time I've wasted in the kitchen.

Trust me, an endless amount of delicious healthy meals can be made using just those whole, plant-based foods without breaking the bank... and I'm here to show you how.

Each week I share a meal plan that is packed with easy to make recipes to help you minimize time spent in the kitchen and maximize time spent enjoying life!

We want you to be 100% confident when you join the Plant Ahead program, which is why you can CANCEL your membership ANYTIME right on the website.

Get access to ALL of our meal plans for less than the price of...

What people asked before signing up for Plant Ahead...

These plans are designed for one person, but can easily be doubled or tripled to accomodate whole families.

Yes! These plans are in a simple PDF format, which makes them very user friendly for anyone no matter how technically savvy they are. 

Absolutely not. The plans are meant to provide you with a full arsenal of simple plant-based recipes that you can refer back to! You can use the plans however you would like. 

Unfortunately because our members are from all over the world, we can’t predict exactly how much groceries will cost. We make every effort to make sure the plans are made up of almost entirely whole plant-based foods, which are generally some of the cheapest items in most grocery stores!

We suggest having a stove, pan, pot, spatula, blender or food processor. 

We provide substitutes in each of our meal plans for common allergies including nuts, soy and gluten. If you have a specific allergy please email us to see if the plans would be a good fit: [email protected]

You can cancel right on the members only portal by pressing the “account” tab and cancelling future payments. 

We are currently in the building stages of a brand new web application, however members LOVE our PDF meal plans because of the simplicity and done-for-you aspect. Stay tuned. 

Are you ready to finally STICK to your plant-based lifestyle??

Join Plant ahead and get:

TOTAL VALUE: $2,000+



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