Five Absolutely Ripped Plant-Based/Vegan Bodybuilders

People often associate building muscle and bodybuilders in general with eating meat. Luckily for us, many plant foods are packed with great sources of protein to bulk up or build lean muscle, including beans, whole grains and dark leafy greens.

I’ve come across five absolutely ripped plant-based and vegan bodybuilders that challenge the meat-eating stereotype by fueling their bodies with whole, plant-based food. Take a look below for some extra motivation in the gym, and in the kitchen!

Jon Venus

Jon is a vegan public figure most known for his YouTube channel where he focuses his efforts to spread information regarding fitness, nutrition and lifestyle content in an uplifting and entertaining way.

Erin Fergus

Erin Fergus is a woman on a mission to prove that muscles can be built on plants. Erin has been vegan since March 2013, which means she’s been vegan the entire time she’s been bodybuilding! She became the first vegan WNBF Fit Body Pro in April 2017 and the first vegan OCB Women’s Physique Pro in May 2017. That’s two pro cards in two natural bodybuilding organizations!


Torre Washington

Torre Washington has been vegan since 1998, is 100% supplement free, and is a natural body builder with pro cards in four distinct body bodybuilding organizations.

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FROM THE GROUND UP! . SWIPE LEFT FOR DETAILS! . We exist in this L.I.F.E as a reflection of our beginnings which shape our thoughts. Our thoughts should be just that “ours” unfortunately we allow tradition and misinformation to create our lifestyle and continue without question. The ground provides all the nourishment we need to thrive and we build from the ground up. We are in this together, it’s not a me world, it’s us or none. I am grateful to be a part of a film that presents this lifestyle in a way that explores nutrition from an athletes point of view. So tonight for one night only here in frigid Chicago I’m here to view the premiere with all of my fellow Chicago natives, let’s brave the cold together and spread awareness. . What: @fromthegroundupfilm When: January 2, 2018 Where: The Music Box theatre Why: To spread awareness . Ps: DM me if you would like to attend by 3pm. #chicago #vegan #athlete #heart

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Crissi Carvalho

Crissi Carvalho is a vegan fitness model competitor, online trainer and coach, author of “Vegan Fitness Food For a Lean and Healthy Body” and an Australian Ninja Warrior.

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Vegan, 44 yrs old, dreadlocked, hi-carbed and natural! ???????? . Wow, sometimes I think is that me ???? I’m not getting younger, nor am I in my prime years but I’m going to beat this conditioning in 8 weeks time! Always improving with age ???????? by eating plants ????. . My stats are: Height: 160cm tall (if I haven’t shrunk again) Weight: stage 51kg, current 55kg Bodyfat: Stage 10%, current 15% Children: 2 sons Born: 1973 Years training: 4.5 years consistently, started in fitness industry 29 years ago . I compete for the Vegan message, to show natural is possible, to show age is just a number, to educate that wholefood carbs are healthy, and to inspire that you ‘can be anything’ if you work hard enough. . I’m not done yet, I’ve only just began ????????❤️???? @veganbikinibody ????????????. . ????Bikinis by @all4meonline . . Download my FREE VEGAN FITNESS MODEL ebook or ASK ME ABOUT MY NEW VGN BKI BOD Bible and packages >>> ???? [email protected] ????Inspire Change #bethechange & join me ☮️????♻️???? . ????↗️TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS ↗️???? . . . #vgnbkibod #veganbikinimodel #veganfood #veganbikiniprep #vegancoach #fitover40 #vegansaresexy #sexyvegan #veganuary #fitover40 #fit_over_40 @fit_over_40

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Max Seabrook

Max Seabrook vegan physique athlete, medical university student and online personal trainer.



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