Quick & Easy Green Glowing Pasta Salad

This Quick & Easy Green Glowing Pasta salad will have you glowing from the inside out! Full of detoxing veggies like bell peppers, microgreens and green onions – it’s never been easier to put together a healthy delicious meal. P.S. There’s a video at the end! 

I’m feeling very lazy lately. After a late night Halloween party, and far too much red wine, I was way too lazy to participate in my traditional Sunday meal-prep. Alas, there appeared to be a week full of store bought lunches and quick-fix dinners in my future.

Thankfully, when Monday evening came around, I mustered up just enough energy to throw together this Quick & Easy Green Glowing Pasta Salad. In under 20 minutes, I had four full days of nourishing and delicious lunches packed for the week.

This Quick & Easy Green Glowing Pasta Salad is bursting with fresh flavour and is perfect for either a weekend barbecue, potluck, dinner side or a simple lunch staple.

This recipe yields 4 to 5 servings.

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– 1 pound of pasta ( I used spinach pasta)
– 1 cup of green onions
– 1 cup of bell pepper, chopped
– 1 cup of microgreens (I used pea shoots)
– 1 tbsp of garlic
– 1 tbsp of red chilli flakes
– A drizzle of olive oil (omit if oil free)
– A drizzle of your favourite balsamic vinaigrette
– Salt & pepper to taste
– Optional: Red Onion


1. Cook pasta according to directions to your desired doneness. Drain and let cool. If serving the pasta salad cold, run the cooked pasta under cold water to cool it off quite a bit.

2. While the pasta cooks, chop up your veggies.

3. In a large bowl, combine the pasta, chopped veggies, garlic, olive oil and dressing. Toss until the pasta and veggies are fully coated in the dressing.

4. Salt and pepper to taste and ENJOY!


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