Fad diets seem to be getting ever more popular in today’s food world. Everyday we’re bombarded with news on the latest diet craze whether it’s eating like a caveman, a juice cleanse, or drinking herbal skinny tea. Needless to say it can be difficult to sift through all the noise.

Unfortunately, blindly starting one of these diets without any information on how it can impact your body can actually be the worst thing for your health.

For most of my adult life I’ve had a keen interest in fitness, food and nutrition. With a journalistic background, most of my nutritional knowledge has been based on my own research perusing books, documentaries and online forums. This is what led me down the path to living a whole food/plant based lifestyle — the best decision I’ve ever made for both my health and environment.

However, without any formal nutritional training, I hit a roadblock in my “healthy lifestyle”. How could I make objective choices on the quality and health of the food I was putting in my body without any ‘real’ nutritional foundation? How can I continue guiding friends and family down the path of a whole food/plant based lifestyle when I don’t fully understand the benefits of delicious un-refined food?

This is what led me to Nutraphoria


After doing a quick google search on online nutritional courses, I found the holy grail. Nutraphoria’s Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach Certification Program: The most comprehensive online nutrition program available which focuses on the health of your mind, body and spirit. The biggest bonus — I could take the course while maintaining my full time job and lifestyle.

In my first month of Nutraphoria, I have learnt all about the fundamentals of nutrition. This has provided me with exactly the knowledge I need to make more educated decisions about what I’m putting into my body. Some of the topics covered included the difference between macro and micro-nutrients, the potential dangers of pesticides and GMOs, education on superfoods, and debunking popular health food claims that many of us fall for.

The science of your body and what’s best to put in it isn’t difficult and it’s exactly what all of us need to live a vibrant, healthy and long life. This is why I believe everyone should take a nutritional course in their lifetime. It’s the best investment you can make for your health and happiness.

One month into my course with Nutraphoria, I already find myself making better decisions in benefit of the health of both me and my family. Equipped with this basic nutritional knowledge I’m able to decipher what’s just a fad and what can actually attribute to a healthy, well rounded lifestyle.

Nutraphoria offers a wide variety of nutritional course options, whether you want to become a Holistic Nutritionist or just learn more about the fundaments of a healthy diet. Check out some their available courses online here: https://nutraphoria.com/programs-and-courses/all-courses/