Is Bread Vegan?

‘Is bread vegan?’

It’s often a question that vegans get asked or wonder when first transitioning. In most cases, bread is usually vegan, but there are some ingredients to look out for when heading to the grocery store’s bread aisle.

When bread is made simply with whole food ingredients like water, flour, yeast and salt, it’s pretty much a no brainer, but not everyone has access to a bakery or the time to make fresh bread. You can find bread in the grocery store made with minimal ingredients, but we know that it’s not always an option. In this article, we will share everything you need to know when it comes to vegan bread.

Can I Eat Bread On A Plant-Based Diet? 

Absolutely! The foundation of bread is four ingredients: 

  • Flour 
  • Water 
  • Salt 
  • Yeast

While this is a no brainer when you are consuming homemade bread, that isn’t always the case for store-bought bread. Heavily processed bread can contain non-vegan ingredients, which makes the vegan-bread debate somewhat confusing.

Which Non-Vegan Ingredients Are Found In Bread?

The ingredients to look out for would be any animal products like milk, butter, whey, casein, gelatin, honey and eggs. You’ll need to know a few ingredients that are usually not vegan and aren’t common terms familiar to us. 

Here is a list of non-vegan ingredients to stay clear of:


Lactose is the sugar that comes from dairy milk. 


Ghee is a form of butter without the lactose, but it’s still butter at the end of the day. 


Gelatin is sourced from animals and is used to help with the bread’s texture.  

Ingredients to be cautious of: 

Mono and diglycerides

These are fats that help stabilize the bread. Mostly then come from soy, but sometimes they can come from animal products, so be wary!


This is another type of stabilizer usually from soybeans, but sometimes it can come from egg yolks! 

Breads That Are Usually Always Vegan

Sprouted or Ezekiel – These breads are sprouted from their grains, which come with loads of extra nutrients and protein.
Sourdough – Fermented with minimal ingredients, sourdough bread, provides our gut with healthy bacteria.
Ciabatta – This bread has a hard crust with a fluffy inside and it’s perfect for a vegan sandwich option.
Pita bread – Pita is made with minimal ingredients and most of the time is vegan. Be on the lookout for added milk ingredients.
Focaccia – Commonly served and baked flat in a pan with toppings and rich olive oil.
Rye – Very close to the texture of regular whole wheat bread but has a more pungent taste.

Vegan Bread Brands We Recommend

All of the breads listed below you can  find in a grocery store. They are Plant You approved for taste too!

Dave’s Killer Bread
Silverhill Bakery
Northern Bakehouse
Food For Life
Thomas Bagels

What about yeast? Is it vegan?

Yes, yeast is vegan! Technically, it’s fungi and does not contribute to animal exploitation.

What about whole wheat vs white? Which is best?

Always opting for a whole grain option will be your best choice. Whole wheat bread is usually more nutrient-dense and less processed. White bread has commonly gone through a process to remove bran and germ, which strips the bread from many beneficial nutrients. In most cases, white bread will be fortified with added vitamins and minerals.

What is Sourdough Bread? 

Yes, Sourdough is typically vegan. Again, reading the labels is vital because sometimes sourdough can contain milk instead of water. 

What Is Sprouted Bread?

Sprouted Bread is exactly what it sounds like! The grains used to make sprouted bread have begun to germinate, or ‘sprout.’ Because of this process, sprouted bread can be easier to digest and have more nutritional value than your traditional bread.  

Which Bread Is The Healthiest For You?

Sprouted bread packs extra nutrition because it is made from whole grains, but the healthiest bread for you is the one made from the least processed ingredients. That’s why I love making my own bread, so I know exactly what is in it! 

Should vegan’s eat gluten free bread? 

Gluten free bread is specially for anyone that has a celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. If you don’t have either of these health consideration and are vegan, you can certainly enjoy traditional bread. Most of the time people can get confused and assume that eating gluten free makes them healthier. Some gluten free breads can be high in sugar, oil and have other highly processed ingredients just as some traditional store bought breads do as well. In conclusion it’s not necessarily an overall healthier option. 

Make Your Own Bread

Try out my signature UGLY no yeast bread recipe, it’s delicious and so easy to do!

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