Halloween is right around the corner, and you’ve most likely started thinking about what type of costume you might wear, but most of all, we know you’re wondering what Halloween candy is vegan! 

As porches start to glow with Halloween jack-o-lanterns, trick or treating comes top of mind! If you’ve been following a plant-based lifestyle there are probably a few other aspects of Halloween you are thinking about when it comes to your environmental impact. You may be thinking about how to make this Halloween eco-friendly and ways to reduce your plastic when it comes to Halloween candy and costumes in addition to the other exciting parts of these festivities. The one great thing about Halloween and trick or treating is that it is all done on foot, which is great for our planet! 

Here are our tips for a green Halloween:

  1. Purchase your costumes second-hand. If you’re buying this costume for yourself or the kids, you can find options at your local thrift shop around this time of year. We also suggest a Halloween costume swap with parent friends, or family within the neighbourhood.
    Head to the local pumpkin patch! Buying local is a great way to support the planet and lower emissions heading straight to the source. This also is a great activity to do with family or friends this time of year!
    Use all of the pumpkin! When carving pumpkins, you end up with a ton of scraps. What you can do is make roasted pumpkin seeds and use the scraps for pumpkin soup or broth!
    Use reusable trick or treat bags! This is a detail most people miss since every year, it can be exciting to pick out your gear to gather all of your treats. But we suggest going reusable! A fun alternative is a classic pillowcase or any other reusable totes.
    The decor for Halloween is often made of plastic. Stick to all-natural decorations like gourds, pumpkins, hay and greenery. If you do wish, check your local thrift store for second-hand decorations. If you can find statues or figures that can be used for many years in the future, we suggest grabbing those first!

Low Packaging Vegan Halloween Candy

If you’re trying to reduce plastic and want Halloween to be closer to zero waste; your best option will be low packaging. Candy does require that is sealed before consumption for safe trick or treating. It does make it challenging to find options, but we’ve rounded up the best ideas, yet low packaging!

  • Foil Wrapped Chocolates or Candy – Look for foil-wrapped chocolate or candy in your bulk store. You can usually find dark chocolates squares or balls around this time of year quite easily.
    Treats In Cardboard Boxes – Cracker Jacks, Dots, Nerds, Junior Mints are all options for Halloween candy in cardboard boxes and that are vegan too. Purchase these in bulk to save money or search for value packs around the holiday months. These boxes can be recycled with no plastic waste.
    Fruit – It has a seal, right? It might not be the most popular sweet treat with the kids, but it does count! If you want to opt for fruit, make sure it has a skin like a banana or orange. Draw faces on them to make it a little more fun.
    Canned Soda – This is one of my favorites, the woman on my block when I was a kid was the first house I hit every year to grab a soda for my trick or treating adventures. Hand out soda since this is a sure thing that will hit the recycling bin this year with no plastic waste. Opting for a healthy option like Zevia or La Croix is always a good idea too.
    Pencils / Erasers / Stencils – This one is very fun, and you know it will be used by kids. It is also perfect for kids that may have allergies and still want to participate in the Halloween excitement.


Vegan Halloween Candy Favorites

If you are just trying to search out vegan candy in general for Halloween, these are a few options that we love to treat ourselves to once in a while…

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