One of my favorite zero waste hacks is turning excess produce or food waste into delicious and nutritious homemade vegan powders.

Although these recipes may seem unusual, they are just an extension of the common practice to turn food into powder form.

In powder form, fruit and veggies are usually used as a spice or healthy food additive. I am sure you’ve used garlic powder, turmeric, paprika… This is very similar!

Except most of these recipes feature food scraps or excess produce that would normally go to waste.

homemade vegan powders

Why You’ll Love Homemade Vegan Powders

  • It’s non-perishable! The reason fresh fruit and vegetables spoil is due to the water content. When you dehydrate the produce, you remove one of the key conditions that bacteria needs to develop, significantly extending the shelf life of that particular food item.
  • It’s Scrappy Cooking at its finest! As well as using excess produce, many of these homemade vegan powders utilize scraps. Why would you throw away your orange peel when you could turn it into powder and put it to good use?
  • It’s foolproof! The underlying process of these recipes is basically the same, which can be applied to many fruit, veggies, and even cooked foods.
  • It’s delicious and nutritious! Think of these homemade vegan powders as a concentrated version of the produce that you use. The flavor is more intense, and the powders are full of useful nutrients.

Best Homemade Powder Recipes

  • Lemon peel powder. Lemon peel powder on its own is a great way to add a zesty lemon kick to sweet and savory dishes. It can also be mixed with other spices (such as salt or pepper) to create amazing seasonings.
  • Orange peel powder. Add orange peel powder for the zesty citrus flavor. You can also use it externally as a face mask, a gentle body scrub, or a scalp treatment. 
  • Pomegranate powder. Made from pomegranate skin, this powder can be used to make caffeine-free tea or natural skincare products.
  • Beetroot powder. In cooking, beetroot powder is used as a natural pigment, as well as a natural pre-workout in shakes and smoothies.
  • Tomato powder. This homemade tomato powder is a great zero waste recipe that will revolutionize your meals. It makes a wonderful addition to savory dishes.

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