In this article, we will share how to go dairy-free without the stress and provide you with the best dairy-free alternative options for making the switch. 

If you have found it hard to cut out dairy on your transition to going plant-based, remember this is not a race! We believe that making the switch won’t happen overnight, and you are more likely to stick to your new lifestyle when you make the transition slowly. 

The top question that we get is, “How can I enjoy my favorite dairy foods while being on a plant-based diet?” Well, it simple! 

Swap it for an alternative or make your own plant-based substitute.

Before we share our amazing list of dairy-free alternative options, we have tips we want to share with you to help you go dairy-free.  

How to Go Dairy Free Tips

It will get easier! The longer you stick to being dairy-free, the easier it will be to not consume dairy, and the cravings will fade. But, also, don’t forget we have a fantastic list of swaps just below in the article to curb any dairy craving you may have! The plant-based product world has come a long way, and these alternatives are delicious. 

Check the label! Always read the labels to see if the product contains dairy. Dairy can show up under many other names other than milk, cheese, butter and lactose. Inspect the label for terms like caseinate, whey, ghee and casein. Dairy products can come in different forms, which you may not be familiar with; this is the best practice to ensure you are not accidentally consuming dairy. 

Dining out! If you’ve already cut out meat in your diet, you probably have searched for vegetarian or vegan dishes on the menu. If you are just getting started, I always suggest checking the menu before you arrive or calling ahead. This will ease off any stress for your dietary needs while dining out. If the restaurant you are attending doesn’t accommodate, I usually suggest another restaurant option to my friends or family. 

Ethical reasons! It is important for any transition to remind yourself of why you may want to eliminate this part of your diet and are making this lifestyle change. Most dairy comes from the factory farming of cows under harsh conditions. Learn more about the impact here. 

Health reasons! Milk and dairy products are high in fat, lacking in vitamins and sugar. When eliminating dairy, most people experience better skin, reduced acne, digestion improvements and weight loss. 

Dairy-Free Alternative Swaps 


We have so many dairy-free milk options to choose from! Finding your favorite is going to be a fun experience. Search for soy, almond, cashew, walnut, hemp, coconut, oat and rice! I always suggest opting for the unsweetened and organic options to cut out any fillers and added sugar to your milk alternative. I also find these plant-based milk alternatives work better in different recipes. Such as soy, oat and hemp work well in baking and for hot beverages since they are naturally thicker. While almond, cashew, walnut and coconut taste great in smoothies, cereals and granola! 


Cheese is probably one of the harder dairy options to kick! But, now so many alternatives have hit the shelves and has made this transition much easier for most. I would suggest looking out for brands such as Miyoko’s, Earth Island and Violife.  You can also make your own vegan cheese! 

Check out my recipe for a dairy-free cream cheese option here. 


You can find many almond, soy and coconut based yogurts in the grocery store that have a similar taste and texture to traditional yogurt. They also make a great option for a base in creamy dips, dressing and smoothies. 

I recommend trying Silk or Riveria. 


When it comes to butter, spreads and dips, so much has changed in the plant-based world. You can find butter that is oil-based or nut-based. Both options pack a serious punch and are a great replacement to the real thing. In terms of dips and spreads, you will find options from many plant-based alternatives such as soy, sunflowers seeds, hemp, and coconut. 

Check out a website like Vegan Supply to explore the options! 

Dairy Free Desserts 

Everyone loves dessert right?! You maybe have been wondering what type of ice cream or cheesecake can I have?! Well, we got that covered too. When cutting out dairy desserts it is going to be fun to experiment in the kitchen. I would suggest checking out a few recipes on our website to try when you have a sweettooth. If you’re short on time explore my favorites brands such as Sweets from The Earth, So Delicious and Coconut Bliss. 

How to get calcium when your dairy-free? 

Calcium is commonly associated with milk but is not the only source you can find it. Eating leafy greens, legumes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, tofu, seeds, nuts, and tempeh are sources of vitamin-rich calcium. These plant-based foods are also full of other beneficial vitamins and minerals. Therefore, no need to worry about calcium on a plant-based diet! 

Our Favorite Dairy-Free Plant You Recipes 

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