Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to a Vegan Valentine’s Day!

Vegan Valentine's Day

In this article, we’ve got you fully covered for your most amazing Valentine’s Day yet. Prepare for:

  • Valentine’s Candy Recommendations
  • Vegan Gift Recommendations
  • Romantic Vegan Valentines Date Ideas 
  • Valentine’s Brunch Suggestions
  • Vegan Valentine’s Entree Dishes
  • Romantic Plant-Based Desserts

We’re big believers that absolutely everyone should get to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to shower that special someone with love, or simply treat yourself, this guide will have you covered for everything from candy to to that romantic candlelight dinner.

So, which sweets are vegan that you can purchase to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Vegan Valentine's Day Treats

This question has come up quite a bit leading up to that BIG V-DAY, and we’ve done the digging for you, so you don’t feel left out or no longer have any trouble getting your valentine the perfect sweet treat! These recommendations are by no-means deemed healthy, but we do like to indulge from time to time and know that our community is looking to us to provide the best plant-based resources. Therefore, we’ve got you covered. 

We have been blown away on how many options you can get your vegan valentine when it comes to candies. Many tasty sweets we found are accidentally vegan, which makes it very accessible for anyone to purchase them. You can find most of these candies in your local bulk store, and we thought it was an excellent way for you to enjoy a few of these treats all at once. We like to encourage buying from a bulk store because you’re creating less waste and showing your true love for our wonderful planet too. 

Here’s the round-up:

If you want to go the extra mile, we did take it upon ourselves to find the BEST vegan specialty Valentine Day treats that are currently on the market. We agree that on occasion we wanted to go above and BEYOND and get fancy on the holidays as well. 

Here’s the rundown: 

Romantic Vegan Valentines Date Ideas

Sign up for a virtual vegan cooking class

A virtual vegan cooking class is the perfect way to have a fun and safe valentine’s day. You can make some fantastic food, spend time with your partner, and crack open a bottle of wine. 

Backyard (or living room) picnic! 

Gather up your favorite snacks and take them to your backyard for a romantic vegan picnic. 

If it’s too cold to take them outdoors in your town, just move indoors! Hang up twinkle lights, buy flowers, and use a nice blanket and cutlery to set the mood. 

If you want some easy vegan picnic meal ideas, check out the full vegan picnic guide here.

Visit Your Local Farmer’s Market 

Don’t know what to cook for a vegan Valentine? Head over to the local market with your partner to get some inspiration. You can each pick out a few fresh ingredients for your meal, and support small businesses all in one afternoon. 

Order Take-Out (But Make It Fun)!

If you aren’t in the mood for cooking, order take out with your partner by ordering different local restaurant menu courses. 

For example, your partner is in charge of ordering appetizers and dessert, and you are in charge of the main meal! You can order from anywhere, but you can’t tell the other person what it is. 

Then, surprise each other with what you’ve ordered, and have an array of food to munch on all night. 

Vegan Valentine's Day Guide

Okay, now that we’ve got your sweet tooth covered!

Let’s now dive into the entire Valentine’s Day experience and get real; this holiday is just like any other, it is all about the food! 

We love the social aspects of enjoying food and that we can gather together to enjoy a special meal for the holidays. If you’re thinking of heading into the kitchen for your Valentine’s Day dinner this year, we’ve got your back! We know that going out to a restaurant to eat has its appeal, but making something yourself does add an extra special personal touch.

Also, you could make this into an entire date night by making a meal together. It’s romantic and fun! We might as well mention that this also will be helpful to those on a budget and still, letting it all remain equally special.

We recommend dinner for two with some shareable appetizers and mouth-watering entrees that any carnivore would be blown away by.

If you’re a member of the Plant Ahead Meal Prep Program, you know that we’ll be coming out with a themed Valentine’s Day Meal Plan for you to enjoy. We also have a few recipes that we can share to inspire you from our blog and Instagram.

Shareable Appetizer:

We also have a few other great sharable options from our blog article: Our Top 5 Vegan Snack Recipes from the Plant Ahead Meal Program.

Delicious Valentines Day Entree:

Valentine’s Day Brunch Ideas

How about having breakfast in bed or having Valentine’s Brunch with all of your special someone’s favourite dishes? We have a few recipes within this guide to a Vegan Valentine’s Day that could help you get this plan in place:

Try out our Vegan Red Velvet Smoothie, Vegan French Toast, Vegan Breakfast Hash and Vegan Chocolate Pancakes. You can even make this a full-day affair of delicious eats. 

Last but not LEAST, The main event DESSERT! 

The perfect Vegan Valentine’s Day ends with a dessert. 

The way to our hearts at least ends with a delicious dessert.

At Plant Ahead, we love to create desserts that are also good for you. We agree that on special occasions indulging is healthy too. Although we do like to swap traditional desserts for a healthier whole-food plant-based option when we can, usually, they taste just as delicious as to their mainstream counterparts. We love that a plant-based diet can be easily adaptable to any traditional dessert recipe. Therefore, you can enjoy classic tasty treats on Valentine’s Day in a healthier way. 

We’re here to share our favourite Plant You Desserts that you can whip up on Valentine’s Day!

Here are our favourite plant-based dessert recipes: 

We are pleased that we’re able to provide an abundance of plant-based desserts that you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day. 

Are you ready to make more whole-food plant-based recipes?

Not only are our plant-based whole-food recipes refined sugar-free and oil-free but also, they are effortless, quick, and easily adaptable to your classic favourite meals. 

Let us do the work of making sure you are not spending hours slaving over a stove. Instead, you can now start saving all that extra time and cash by preparing your meals!

Never worry again about how to impress your loved ones with delicious plant-based eats.   

We highly recommend that you become part of the Plant Ahead Meal Prep Program. With the program, you will receive a database of year’s supply of plant-based whole-food recipes when you sign up for $7.99 / month.

Join the Plant Ahead Meal Plan membership and make sure you don’t miss out on our Valentine’s Day-themed menu! 

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